Sculpting the nude is such a beautiful, sensual experience- one that has held my interest for over 40 years. I fall in love with sensuous curves, taught muscles and tendons, and bony protuberances. Sculpting the nude is the only art form that has held my interest consistently over the years. No matter how much I think I know, I discover aspects of the figure that confound and intrigue, a constant and exquisite journey of exploration. From the malleability of clay to its transition from earth to warm wax to the metallic glow of bronze- that sculptural alchemic process never loses its mystery.

Lately I have begun to entwine the figure with flora and fauna, creating fantasy figures that evoke the magic of fairy and folk tales from my youth. Vegetation, flowers, birds, reptiles- all combine with the human figure to invoke the connection I feel with the natural world. As I observe my gardens flourish, the pond with its frogs, muskrats, dragonflies and lilies form a vibrant ecosystem, and the chickens preen, I feel the embrace of nature and try to express that ineffable interconnection.

My personal artistic quest is to become the best figure sculptor in terms of technical expertise and anatomical knowledge, and to imbue my work with mystery, passion, and magic. As a symbolist, I desire the exterior form to convey something more than the intrinsic beauty of the sculpted nude -- perhaps creating a psychological and archetypal imagery. When I was a child I was sure I’d grow up to write and illustrate fairy tales. Now, like a goddess, I wish to create my own mysterious “magic realist” world, peopled with alchemic creatures. My work is detailed and eclectic, drawing on medieval, classical, and baroque traditions to integrate fantasy, narrative, and symbolic mythology.

I see my work progressing in two directions- one towards garden and architectural sculpture, designing pieces as columns, caryatids, fountains, or garden ornament. The other direction is more intimate, delving into childhood fantasies, merging human form with flora, fauna, and fairy in an effort to create visual magic.